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Divine Mercy Marker

The Divine Mercy image is still fairly recent in our Church's history. In the cemetery business you can find hundreds of designs of Our Lord, Blessed Mother, and the Saints, but not the Divine Mercy image. When a family asked for one to be placed on their mother's grave we just couldn't find one unless we went to a custom design which would have cost the family a lot more money. After calling marker companies and being declined, the folks at Oregon Memorials agreed to prepare a Divine Mercy image that could be used as a standard offering, without the additional charges of custom work. Take a look below at the first marker with a Divine Mercy image to be placed in our cemetery. Isn't it wonderful...Even after your death you can continue to evangelize and tell everyone "Jesus I trust in You!"

Divine Mercy Headstone


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Image of Divine Mercy is copyrighted to the Marians and is used with permission.